The moment has come. This, for me, is the definitive list of the best sushi all you can eat in Milan, and I swear I’ve tried lots and lots of Japanese restaurants (sometimes abusing of them!). My favourite places are 5 (+1) and they all have at least a good reason to stand out from the others. When the restaurant is more expensive, well, it’s also easier to find good fish. But to stay in a 20€ budget, that is definitely a hard task!

I crave Japanese food at least once a week. You can’t, of course, always afford a dinner in a real Japanese place. Most of the times, in fact, I end up in all you can eat sushi restaurants. Many people think they are horrible, but obviously they don’t know the right ones!

Jin Sushi Experience – via Luca della Robbia, 10

I’m sorry, but this is absolutely my favourite place. It has a really different variety of food from any other places I’ve tried. Among my favourite plates, there are house, hot and salmon rolls. Avocados are always mature at the right and “hot” point. Do you know when they’re too cold and their taste is bland? That’s one of the things I hate the most. Both tuna and salmon tartars are cut and smashed, containing fresh and tasty fish and good soy sauce – and they are not just small cubes! They also have white tartare, accompanied by rice. Edamame are warm and yummy. But the thing you absolutely must try is the Gunkan Special Jio – rice wrapped in salmon with salmon tartare on top, served in a single spoon with truffle oil. It drives me crazy! The place is small and always booked: you’d better call before!

21.9 €.

Fuku Jima – via Ascanio Sforza, 73

This is my second home. I live nearby, it takes me 5 minutes to get there from home and I park right in front of the restaurant. The service is excellent. Quick, never a mistake! Wide choice of Fresh  fish. I recommend: uramaki Special RaiNbow, tartare, nigiri with salmon and ikura, temaki and gunkan. You can also find the raw shrimp in the mixed sashimi. This is 100% relaxing. I always recommend booking on the weekend.

15.9 € for lunch, 22.9 € for dinner.

Ichimi and Ichimi 2 – corso di Porta Romana, 111 and Via Piero della Francesca, 40

I’ve discovered this restaurant in the last months, but it’s already become one of my favourites. A traditional place, there are also many good “cooked” proposals, here. The quality of fish is excellent, and the atmosphere in Piero della Francesca street’s one, which I prefer, is very nice. The rolls here are better than in Porta Romana’s. I love going here for ! lunch, because it has great value for money.

12 € for lunch, 19.9 € for dinner.

Ming – via Piero della Francesca, 57 / a

My other favourite one for lunch. Ichimi and Ming are in the same street: it’s always so hard to choose! Ichimi has a wider variety of food, whereas Ming has a more standardized menu. However, their tartare is just as good. Flavours are very natural, they are not ruined or hidden by too much sauce! Maybe that’s what I hate the most and it makes me wonder if I like a restaurant or not. It’s not a ruffian spot, here it is.

12.8 € for lunch, 19.9 € for dinner.

Toyama – viale Misurata, 18 or Kyto 2 – via Vigevano, 8

The best all you can eat – low cost. The quality is lower, the service is fast, the variety of food is slightly smaller. The two restaurants are both very large and it won’t be hard to find a free slot. However, they are reliable in quality and good taste, and service is efficient. If you’re looking for something more affordable, without giving up on quality, these two restaurants are definitely recommended.

Toyama: 10.9 € for lunch – 16.9 € for dinner.

Kyto: 12 € for lunch – 18 € for dinner.

Are you looking for other sushi all you can eat in Milan? Here are 3 places i recently tried!