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You will forgive my maccheronico english, I hope. I also hope you will think of me while eating great food and finding out great places through my tips. I love the world, literally. I’m always looking forward to traveling and I can’t wait for the next weekend to convince my boyfriend to do a day-trip, but after a few days that I’m out of Milan i’m hit by the same thought. I miss my Milano! I know there are lots of beautiful towns all over the world, maybe more cultural, with more monuments, with more whatever. But still, home is where the heart is, and my heart is totally Milanese. I went to Pamplona, I lived there some months because of the Erasmus program and I still have very good friends who live everywhere. I also helped ESN, the university association that helps international students and make them feel home. So: why english? I’m not an official guide, but i would like to be yours. If you tourists come here for a few days, you will appreciate these hidden places. And for those who moved here: living in a new town is hard, even when you stay for a long period you will find it difficult to find the best places. Good tips from someone who lives here are always a good idea, weird and unusual places are my bread and I hope they’ll be yours. I can’t write all of my posts in english, but I will summarize them for you. With love.