Pasta à Gogo is a small spot with a big heart. It’s one of those restaurants where you check out the window while passing by, but never stop to actually go inside. However, if only you knew about them, you’d regret not checking them out earlier! But the good thing is, since you’re reading this article, you might actually be convinced to go there soon! It’s a pasta place. Pasta, and only pasta, but in every possible variety. An incredible number of combinations that will make everyone happy. But let me tell you exactly what makes Pasta à Gogo a really special place.

First of all, it’s small, but extremely cute and well put together. Everything is themed, and well planned. It’s clearly not by chance: Ivan and Mirco, who are married and are the owners of Pasta a Gog, are respectively an architect and a former copywriter. They have put their knowledge and expertise to work on this restaurant project, which combines the study of their style following the rules of marketing, combined with their family-managed little pasta heaven. From the yellow bowtie, to the floors, the walls, the placemats, the packaging: everything is cohesive and extremely well thought out.

pasta à gogo milan pasta à gogo milan

But the best thing about Pasta à Gogo are its owners: Ivan, an Argentinian that’s now Italianized, who keeps you company, makes you feel at home and puts you in a good mood with his cheerfulness, and Mirco, who works behind the scenes and whom you’ll get to know through the dishes that he prepares. He also radiates so much positivity, together they are pure energy. And we liked them a lot! But we liked their pasta just as much.

pasta à gogo milan pasta à gogo milan

Pasta à Gogo works just like Trita, just like Nun, just like all of those create-your-own plate restaurants. You can pick among several types of pasta (all of which are fresh and handmade), different sauces, and toppings (from cheeses to seeds). There are also some timeless classics. We’ve come here twice already and we’ve really tried so many different specialties. From tagliatelle with bolognaise sauce, which might be our favorites, to the excellent and tasty cacio e pepe, from the delicate and delicious lime and ricotta ravioli with almonds and butter, to the pasta alla norma with its perfect balance between sweet and savory, to the timeless carbonara. There are also some pastas made with special and particular flours; they’re tasty and light.

pasta à gogo milan pasta à gogo milan pasta à gogo milan

Portions are generous: any dish will definitely fill you up! I always have Nahuel with me, and he’s proof: if he’s full, you will be too. The quality is excellent: the pasta is fresh and the sauces are homemade. Therefore, the value for money is very satisfying: you eat well, healthy, with excellent company, they even welcome dogs and you spend what’s right and appropriate. There should be more places like Pasta à Gogo in Milan… luckily they will soon open another location!

Pasta à Gogo
Instagram page
Viale Abruzzi, 89
open 7/7 12–15:30 and 18:30–22

This post was translated by Caterina