Berberè doesn’t need further exposure, since it’s always full and (almost) everybody knows this famous pizzeria. However, I’d like to express my own opinion about it because I think it deserves it. The pizza is amazing, the service is fast and nice, and the location is cozy and lovely. Moreover, here you can reserve your table and completely enjoy your experience.

Lately, pizza has become popular again here in Milan, and most of the places don’t allow to reserve a table. I can understand it, but as a guest it’s not pleasant at all waiting outside a restaurant for 30-60 minutes in order to eat a pizza, even if it’s the best one. Berberè is different, and this is one of the reason why I love it. Of course, there are many others.


berberè pizzeria milan
Berberè Pizzeria in Milan – © Francesca Noè

The main one is the undoubted “queen” of the menu: the pizza. Here is very light, seriously. Every pizzeria talks about rising, sourdough, and raw materials. For some of them it’s true, for others it’s just something they have to say. As Berberè, the pizza is really light. To be honest, it’s the lightest and easiest to digest pizza I’ve ever eaten. Not always I’m able to eat a whole pizza, but here I definetely am. And after this kind of pizza, I’m always okay.

berberè pizzeria milan
Pizza at Berberè Pizzeria in Milan – © Francesca Noè

The menu is really simple: some “cicchetto” (small snacks) while you are waiting (Cetara anchovies are so good, if you are hungry you should try them) and then pizza pizza and pizza. A few, but each one is unique. My favorite is with “mozzarella di bufala”, but watch out because they add it after. The tomato sauce is high quality, definetely not sour. The combo mozzarella-oil, added both after the cooking, helps to make the dough lighter. The dough is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside – you can read it on the menu.

berberè pizzeria milan
Pizza at Berberè – © Francesca Noè

I would suggest the pizza with pumpkin and mushrooms, and the one with red onion and anchovies. Don’t get cheated, it’s light and savory, very savory. They serve filtered water, draught or craft beers, and soft drinks, you can find organic drinks, such as chinotto.


The location is young and fresh, and every restaurant has a different concept in order to improve the place in which it’s built. I always go to via Vigevano, because it’s my neighbourhood. Here the brick walls, the paint on the wall and the pictures refering to the Navigli, the colors, the arches of the old Milan, everything brings to life this location.

berberè pizzeria milan
Berberè Pizzeria in Milan – © Francesca Noè
berberè pizzeria milan
Berberè Pizzeria in Milan – © Francesca Noè

The table service is very kind, not snobby at all.  This is Berberè’s trademark – delicious pizza served with care in beautiful spaces. And it could only be right, because it’s actually like that. The price is the right one for a high quality pizza, and I believe this is the best pizzeria in the terms of price performance. I get out of this place in a happy mood because I eat well, I’m treated well and I pay the right amount. Here you can check the menu!


Official website
via Sebenico, 21
Mon/Fri 7 pm-11.30 pm
Sat/Sun 12.30-2.30 pm and 7 pm-11.30 pm
via Vigevano, 8
Mon/Fri 6 pm-midnight
Sat/Sun 12-3 pm and 6 pm-midnight