Honestly, it was a surprise to find an authentic Chinese restaurant, away from Chinatown and mostly frequented by Asian guys. In fact, lately, lot of Chinese places are puffing up in Chinatown, any kind of it: from the old but gold wonton eateries to the super duper Chinese restaurants in Paolo Sarpi’s Chinatown, to those who serve delicious dim sum, and those who somehow adapted to the Italian aesthetic and flavor. But Maoji is something different. And it was a wonderful discover.

I found out about this place on Instagram. I was searching through places in Milan and I’ve found by chance the picture of a beautiful-looking amazingly red beef noodles soup. As soon as I saw the picture my mouth was watering and when I got into their Instagram profile I discovered this spot -I’m very much proud of it –. For all those who love Asian cuisine, I suggest you not to miss this place!

maoji street food milan

The style is fresh; the staff is composed by cool Chinese guys -Asian hipster version. I loved it! Young, fashion, with a very particular taste in style. And the same goes for the restaurant: small, cozy but still airy. Tin plates and cups typical of Mao Tse-tung Red China, vintage posters on the wall, and various interesting decor objects. Since words can’t always describe everything, you can find pictures here.

maoji street food milan maoji street food milan maoji street food milanmaoji street food milan

Cozy and authentic. The menu offers a vast array of different dishes, compared to the other humdrum-looking Chinese restaurants in Milan. They certainly have (homemade) dim sum and noodles –all of them beautifully presented. But they also offer less-known-niche-dishes: for the brave hearts only -or simply for those who would love to try non mainstream Italianized classic Chinese dishes. They also have baozi. I don’t like to set an average price for a meal, cause it would be very imprecise. Nevertheless, here, you can see pictures of the menu, to let you approximately get an idea of prices (not so high, you may guess by yourself) and the variety of the cuisine.

maoji street food milan maoji street food milan

We decided to go for the Maoji (handmade beef noodles): I had the non-spicy one, and my brave heart boyfriend asked for the spicy one. It goes without saying: my noodles’ broth was dense and “transparent”, the spicy one was red, like R-E-D. I would strongly suggest (for your sake!) to ask before ordering, the heat level of the dishes, cause it’s very spicy. The broth is delicious, savory and well structured, just like the meat: tender and not very fat. Noodles are thick and the portion is satisfying. On top of that: fresh scallion, coriander and crushed almonds. An intriguing mix of colors and perfumes.

maoji street food milan maoji street food milan

We’ve also ordered one platter of pork dim sum: not for our hungry stomachs, more for our curious hungry minds! Also here: good thick pastry which reminds me the one of Ravioleria Sarpi, the filling is well balanced and savory. I will absolutely come back to try their baozi as well.

maoji street food milan

The place is divided into two areas: the restaurant and the cafeteria, with a countless variety of tea and bubble tea. We’ve tried a cup of classic milk tea and a second citrus fruit tea (without bubbles). I usually don’t like milk teas, but the one I tried in Maoji was delicious. Sweet and flavorful, probably thanks to the condensed milk, I liked the fact that it didn’t come with the usual sickly sweet flavor that makes you sick after three sips! The cafeteria is the ideal place to enjoy a cup of tea.

maoji street food milan maoji street food milan maoji street food milan maoji street food milan

What else shall I say? Try it! Very close to Maoji there also is another interesting spot: Mao Hunan. We’ve never been there, but lot of bloggers and food guide suggest the place. Can’t wait to try that as well! Are you looking for other spots in Milan? Keep on searching on A Milano puoi!

Maoji Street Food (Instagram page)
Piazza Aspromonte, 43
Wed/Sun 12:30 p.m.– 03:00 p.m., 07:00 p.m. – 11:00p.m.
Mon 12:30 p.m. – 03:00 p.m., 07:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Closed on Tuesdays

This post was translated by Alessia