I think you already know me by now, I’m not a diet girl. I always blog about food temptations, but let’s admit that once in a while, a good and healthy salad is a real bliss. I love any kind of it: with fruit, avocado, almonds, walnuts, pistachios –or with (raw) fish, like the special ones from Basara. I basically love any kind of salad that can be considered as a main course – in places where they don’t brag about it and they don’t charge you an arm and a leg. That’s why I promise you won’t be deceived by this top 5.

Lately in Italy it’s super trendy to use words like #healthy and #detox, when it comes to salad; honestly, I just like to call it insalatona (Italian word for big salad!). Insalatona have so much potential and it can make the perfect nutrient-packed meal. But, if lot of ingredients are involved, their real potential is for packing on pounds!  Still, I will reveal you the most mouthwatering combo, which will be for sure lighter than a humongous burger and that won’t make you need a power nap right after lunch. We all need something light in this wintery times of polenta and cheese!

OPEN Milano – Viale Monte nero, 6 

salad milan

This place is a bookshop (check my favorite Literary Cafe here), and a bar, but also –one of my favorite- co-working space. If you’re in the neighborhood for a walk, you may stumble upon it. It is one of those cozy places that make me feel so at ease. One of the reasons why I like to come here to work is the treat of a light and satisfying lunch break. Light -if you get a salad, of course! You can choose from many delicious salads at OPEN, check out their sweet and salty combination of ingredients.

Budget: 7/9€

Panini Durini – various locations in Milan

salad milan

Old but Gold. A classic. I also like their paninis, but salads are so mouthwatering that make me feel like getting in the place. And that’s a good sign. You can have the “salad of the day”. Also try the avocado or the salmon one. Two of my favorite ingredients.

Budget: 7/8€

Pulia – via Vigevano, 43.

A newly discovered little gem. Pulia is a bakery, and a place where to buy local product from Apulia region, but it is also the perfect spot for enjoying a lunch break. Cozy and quiet atmosphere. You can try their special soup of the day (4 € ca.) and a nice variety of salads. Today I had the “Gargano” one: fresh baby spinach, oranges, filetto lardellato (a typical Apulian sliced meat), sliced almond, and lampascioni (a common edible wildflower in Italy).

Budget: 4/8€

Basara – via Tortona, 12.

salad milan

A spot for refined palate sushi lovers. Basara offers a delicious salmon salad. The price here is a bit higher compared to others – but you can say they are really serving you a full meal. If you want to try something new and out of the ordinary, that’s the salad you want. Try also the tofu and wakame salad, with walnuts and watercress, topped with a mixed fish carpaccio.

Budget: 12/14€

Macha Cafè – viale Crispi, 15.

salad milan

The name is on everyone’s lips. Matcha is the new trend, and here you can find it in any kind of creative recipe. However, what I actually like from this place are the bowls. I know we can’t literally consider them as salad, but somehow they have a similar healthy potential. Unsalted rice, the bowl is heavenly light and a pleasure to eat.

Budget 8/10€

This post was translated by Alessia.